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REED R8500 Video Endoskop-Kammera

Artikel-Nr.: R8100
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REED R8500 Video Endoskop-Kammera

17mm camera diameter and 2.4" color TFT LCD monitor provides real-time video of hard to see areas.

REED R8100 Offers
This high resolution video inspection camera features a 39" (1m) gooseneck cable with 17mm camera head and provides real-time imaging on a 2.4" color LCD display. The R8100 has the ability to expand up to 30 ft with optional cable extensions and includes a camera mountable magnet, hook and mirror to assist with specific applications. An optional 9mm camera head can be ordered separately.

- Comfortable pistol grip design
- High resolution 2.4" color TFT LCD monitor
- 17mm waterproof (IP67) camera head
- Gooseneck cable retains configured shape
- Cable expandable up to 30 ft (9.1m) with extensions (optional)
- Four high visibility LED lights provide illumination in dimly lit environments
- 2X zoom and 180° mirror rotation functions
- Low battery indicator

What's included with the REED R8500
- Video Borescope Inspection Camera
- 17mm Camera Head
- Magnet, Hook and Mirror Attachments
- Batteries
- Hard Carrying Case

REED R8100 Video Endoskop-Kammera Inspektionskammera 9mm, aufzeichenbar:

Ideal Applications for the REED R8100
- Building and home inspection
- Pest control
- HVAC and refrigeration
- Visual inspections of aircraft engines
- Steam turbines
- Automotive and truck engines
- Manufacturing of machined or cast parts
- Inspection of critical interior surfaces for burrs, surface finish or complete through-holes


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