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REED R6015 Holz Feuchtigkeits-Messgerät

Artikel-Nr.: R6015
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REED R6015 Holz Feuchtigkeits-Messgerät

Designed specifically to measure moisture in approximately 170 species of wood.

REED R6015 Offers
This wood moisture detector uses the electrical resistance principle to measure wood moisture of approximately 170 different species of wood. The R6015 features an automatic temperature compensation (ATC) probe for increased accuracy and includes a remote hand-press for flexibility in the field.

- Measures wood moisture with integrated pins or with remote hand-press probe
- Improved accuracy with use of included automatic temperature compensation probe
- Memory contains 8 wood groups with calibrations for approx. 170 species of wood
- Built-in 2-point calibration check
- Low battery indicator and auto shut-off

What's included with the REED R6015
- Wood Moisture Detector
- Remote Hand-Press Moisture Electrode
- ATC Temperature Probe
- Protective Cap
- Replacement Pins
- Soft Carrying Case
- Batteries

REED R6015 Holz Feuchtigkeits-Messgerät:

Ideal Applications for the REED R6015
- Construction and Building Projects
- Remediation and Restoration
- Woodworking


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